Every veterinary hospital performs these procedures as they are an important step in keeping our pets healthy. When a female is spayed she is having an ovariohysterectomy performed which means her reproductive tract consisting of the ovaries, the uterine horns and the uterine body is completely removed. When a male is neutered, his testicles as well as a part of his spermatic cord are being removed. Both surgeries can eliminate a multitude of problems as well as ensure there are no unwanted matings which can lead to pet overpopulation. The cost of these procedures will vary from hospital to hospital for many reasons.

At the Point Pleasant Veterinary Hospital (PPVH) we perform complete exams on all pets before proceeding with surgery. We also perform pre surgical blood work to help evaluate blood counts, clotting abilities and organ function to help ensure a more successful outcome. It is important to ascertain the pets health before surgery is performed.

On admit, our surgical patients are pre-medicated with anti-anxiety and pain medications to make the surgery less stressful. An intravenous catheter and IV fluids are started before surgery which allows us to maintain a healthy blood pressure as well as offer immediate IV access should complications arise during or after the surgical procedure is performed.

During surgery our patients are continuously monitored by a trained technician who never leaves the surgical suite. Our patients are placed on a special warming pad to help maintain normal body temperatures and they are attached to multi parameter monitors to check blood oxygenation, blood pressure, heart electrical rhythm and core body temperatures. By keeping a close eye on our patients we can react to problems much earlier which decrease surgical complications before they become serious.

Our doctors are all experienced and attend continuing education conferences routinely to remain on the cutting edge. We use a sterilized pack for each surgery and sterile gowns and gloves are changed for every surgery we perform. There are no assembly line procedures performed here.

Another critical period is the post-operative period. All of our patients are observed in our recovery area which is in clear site of the prep and surgery area. Our pets are not placed in cages out of plain site until they are fully recovered. Vital parameters are taken on all of our recovering patients and doctors are notified immediately if there are any adverse changes.

Our protocols are designed to help ensure the safe and successful outcomes of every surgery performed at PPVH. We are being entrusted with a loved member of your family and refuse to cut corners with their health and well being while under our care.